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Finally a job board for your own website

How have you gotten resumes in the past? An email address people mailed to? Perhaps you use the many job posting websites and each one sends you resumes in a different way. Well the Website Job Board system now lets you take control of your job openings and collect every resume candidate in one archived and search-ready place.

You're given your own unique web address and you simply send people over to view your openings and submit their resumes. Every candidate is stored with their original resume documents for searching, sorting, scoring, and tracking through your hiring process.


Key benefits our customers find
immediately valuable

  • All resumes become digitally archived, sorted, and searchable indefinitely.
  • Job postings can be toggled on and off as positions open up and get filled over time.
  • Multiple talent searching sources (Hot Jobs, Monster, Newspapers, etc) can all be centralized for resume collection in a single spot.
  • Grading, scoring, and note histories are attached to each PDF, Word Doc, or Text resume received.
  • You can begin marketing job posts to your social media networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with a single-click.

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