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All the Features You Need

Create Rich Content Job Postings

All the control is in your hands. The Job Board allows you to place the important information you desire quickly and easily online.

Post Job Openings to Social Networks

Social networks continue to increase in popularity.  With just one click, your postings can update the online social community and drive traffic.

    Specific Job Attributes for Built-In Search

    • Custom Categories & Classifications
    • Custom Job/Staff Types & Levels
    • Unique Salary and Compensation Details
    • Customize Availability details per posting
    • Custom Experience Level Requirements
    • Custom Educational Requirement Settings
    • Add unique HR response contact information for each posting

    Schedule Management of Postings

    Set expiration dates to automatically enable or discontinue postings.  

      Choose Your Application Methods

      Choose your functionality for candidates apply.  Options include our built-in tool, email only, or link to off-site pages.  Our solution will work with your needs, whatever your setup.

        Advanced Job Search

        The search options include in-depth keywords.

          Online Resume Submissions with Tracking Details

          The search options include in-depth keywords.

            Search Within Resumes for Keywords

            The system gives you the ability to search for keywords in the original resume content directly.

              Grade Candidates

              Rank and Score candidates with unique letter grading system.  The grading system works with search filtering options to sort your top candidates.

                Tracking & Hiring States

                Track information of candidates and choose options for hiring.

                  Equal Opportunity Options

                  Utilize equal opportunity employment options in your job postings.  Collect data on candidates to help you promote equal opportunity in the workplace.

                    Email Alerts

                    All resumes submissions send alerts to your choice of email recipients.

                      Email Candidates for Announcements

                      Easily email multiple candidates for interviews, announcing filled positions, or any important information.

                        Export to Excel

                        Quickly export your library of resumes into Excel at anytime.

                          Unlimited Notes & Resumes

                          Add an unlimited number of notes and resumes to each candidate.

                            Continually Collect Resume Submissions

                            Collect resumes for general employment even when no specific openings are available.

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