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Creating a Job Posting

When you want job candidates to know exactly what is expected, you need to clearly outline that in a central place. Post your job requirements and requisition details right on your site for them to search and read about before just randomly applying and wasting time.

Detailed job descriptions

The rich text editor lets you create job details as easily as creating a word processing document. Insert images, font formats like bullets, bold, italic & underline; Link to other web pages and much more. Easily cut and paste from any existing word processing or PDF documents.

Customize job criteria

Create custom job categories, employment types, educational requirements, and experience levels. Then on each new job posting... you simply check the boxes that are applicable and your details become searchable and presented to each job seeker.

Different departments, different contacts?

Each job posting can be setup to notify different email addresses when new candidates apply. Setup your default HR contact, but override it if any particular posting needs to go to someone else.

Know the expiration

Each posting can be set to run for a limited time, so you get an email when each posting expires in case you need to renew or reactivate for more candidates.

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