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Why use the Website Job Board for your website?

Emails Are A Pain

If you're receiving resumes by way of email you're going to quickly find out that this is a difficult way to manage your applicants.  Emails are unpredictable and applicants often won't provide all the information you need.  Using a simple form makes sure you get all the answers your company needs to make the right decision.



HR staff can easily use the tools to upload resumes from alternative sources.  Efficiently manage your job postings for multiple locations, facilities, regions, from a single operational point.

Unify The Resume Collection Process

All the hiring efforts can bring your applicants to one action.  Whether the target for marketing is newspapers, online job sites, or social networks, direct all your job announcements to apply online.  This will eliminate any confusion and provide you with the peace of mind that everything is in one location.

Rating and Scores Make It Simple

The system allows you to see quick stats on applicants for each job opening. Keep a digital record of conversations, notes, scores, and candidate details for future reference and review. So whether you're looking at an applicant that is new or one who applied some time ago, you and your company can remain on the same page and pick up right where you left off.


Find A Resume Quickly

Searching for resumes through your entire library of applicants is easy with the Job Board's built in filters.

Contacting Applicants

Our top level package gives you the easiest way to reach out to your applicants by bulk mailing them all at once.

Keeping Good Records Is Important

The Job Board provides the ability to see the aging and last contact times and notes from all candidates.

Convenient Search Tools

Flag candidates for easy filtering of inclusion or removal from applicant search results.  Search for candidates based on geographic radius to desired zip codes.


Save Space and Time

There is no need to pack the file cabinet and spend time digging around for the resumes you're looking for.  Keep the digital copies online and right at your fingertips and you can retrieve and print the original PDF, Word Doc, or text resumes anytime in the future.


Always Have a Spot for Resumes

The Job Board provides a streamlined process to collect resumes for when you're not hiring at the moment, but want to keep the future in mind.

Stop Losing Resumes

The Job Board will keep all of your resumes so you never have to lose a great candidate that may fit future job openings. Use the system to store the original cover letters with resumes in digital format.

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