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Job Board Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it with my current website?

The Job Board runs on it's own web address so you do not have to touch your current site. You may want to add a link to your existing site that points job seekers to your job board. This is usually done by adding your unique web address to your menu or as a graphical button on your website. We even provide some great graphical buttons and the code you need to simply cut & paste to your current website to connect them.

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Do I need a web developer to set this all up?

No, the tools are easy for anyone with basic web-surfing experience to grasp. All the tools use a simple web interface and intuitive forms to populate the job board. No HTML or programming required at all.

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Do resumes get shared with anyone else?

No, your resumes collected are in your job board database only. This is your private collection and is not shared globally with other subscribers of the system.

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Does this replace all those job posting websites out there?

Absolutely not, this is geared toward controlling your resume collection and showcasing all your jobs within your own database. Ideally, you would post all these jobs to those websites and simply tell the candidates to apply with a link directly to your job board submission system... that means you can collect the resumes from many sources and have a single database of your candidates forever.

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Do we get notifications of new candidate resume submissions?

Yes, you can configure who gets notified of new resume submissions and the emails contain all the candidate contact information as well as their original resume and optional cover letter attached as a PDF, Word Document, or Text file.

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