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Resume Notes & Scores

So you have a million resumes now what?  Wouldn't it be great to score them like you would in school?  Let's show you how.

Add unlimited notes

Each candidate can have any number of text-based notes attached to their resume.  Think of these as post-it notes that don't fall off.

Grade them

While we all know discrimination is not what we are talking about... some things can be held against them. Late for that interview... F. Dressed inappropriately... D+. Speaks 8 foreign languages A+. Keep a running tally of their grades for any note you add.

Overall candidate
scores and ranking

The unique formula for scoring creates an average grade point for each candidate that can then be used to filter your candidate results lists. So maybe those two C's and an A+ make that a candidate a definite B- choice.

Flag them outright

Sometimes a candidate is just not a fit and no notes or score will help them. An additional 3 color flag tool let's you filter those "red flags" out without even worrying about the details.

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